About This Episode: Mikey Sklar: Biohacker and Keto Ultrarunner – EJP 94

Mikey Sklar is a hardware developer, an ultrarunner and a biohacker. He uses today’s technology to gather data about himself in order to perfect his daily routine of eating, sleeping, working, and exercising and thus improving the overall functioning of his body for optimal performance. You can follow Mikey on Facebook and Instagram.

In this interview we talk about:

– Mikey’s sporting background and how he got into biohacking
– DNA testing as a starting point
– Training at 64% of VO2Max or Niko Niko pace (Slow Jogging)
– Running 76 miles in 24hrs taking in zero calories
– Why it’s important to take a break from monitoring all your data

www.ketometer.biz for Mikey’s own ketone meter
www.23andme.com for DNA Genetic Testing
www.promethease.com for further DNA analysis
www.cronometer.com to track your nutrition, fitness, & health data

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