About This Episode: Alyssa Hawley: Spartan Racer on the Reebok Spartan Pro Team – EJP 89

Alyssa Hawley is a professional obstacle course racer and member of the Spartan Pro Team. In her short career in the sport, she has become a serious threat to the old guard, bringing a unique blend of stamina along with the ability to out carry most in the field due to her strength. She ended a stellar 2017 Spartan season on a huge note taking 3rd at World Championships. You can follow Alyssa on Facebook and Instagram.

In this interview we talk about:

– Alyssa’s sporting background and progression in OCR
– Life on the Spartan Pro Team
– What a typical training week looks like and why she just hired a coach
– Setting up her own coaching business
– Goals and bucketlist races

Fit Four Gloves, Alsa Energy

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