About This Episode: Ellie Salthouse: Ironman 70.3 Champion – EJP 86

24 year old Ellie Salthouse has been doing triathlons since she was 11 and turned pro at 16. After racing the ITU circuit for a couple of years, stepping away form the sport, but coming back only six months later, she decided in 2016 to focus on non-drafting racing. This summer she won Ironman 70.3 Boulder and six days before competing at Island House, she won Ironman Miami 70.3. Coached by Siri Lindley, she is in fierce form and ready for Taupo 70.3 this weekend. You can follow Ellie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In this interview we talk about:

– Ellie’s sporting background and progression in triathlon
– Why she walked away from the sport and why she made a quick comeback
– Working with Siri Lindley
– What she loves about the 70.3 format
– Achievements and goals


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