About This Episode

Paul Newsome is a knowledgeable swim coach who has won the British University Championship in triathlon, swam the English Channel, won the 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and coached and worked with Olympic swimmers and triathletes.

He is the founder of Swim Smooth (based in Perth, Australia), where he develops a wide range of dedicated swim training sessions for all levels of swimmers and triathletes. Good morning Paul, how are you?

In this interview we talk about:

– His sporting background, how he got into coaching and why he started Swim Smooth.
– His coaching philosophy and how the use of his Six Swim Types can help you improve your swimming.
– Stroke Length and Stroke Rate.
– The benefits of drills and when to fit them in your workout.
– The differences in training for a Olympic (1500m) and Ironman (3800m) swim.


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