About This Episode: Zane Robertson: World Class Runner & Sub-60 Half-Marathoner – EJP 78

Zane Robertson is a New Zealand middle and long-distance runner who at the age of 17 moved, together with his twin brother Jake, from New Zealand to the town of Iten in Kenya, to live and train with the best long distance runners in the world. Today and a decade later, Zane has developed strong credentials both on the track and on the roads: he is one of only 4 non-Africans to have run a half marathon below 60 minutes, he grabbed a bronze medal at the 5000m at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and proved his place on the international stage with a 12th-place finish in a stacked 10,000 meter field at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. You can follow Zane on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

In this interview we talk about:

– Zane’s sporting background growing up
– Moving to Kenya at age 17 to live and train with the world’s best
– A typical Kenyan training week
– How running sub 60 minutes for the half marathon changed Zane’s own view on  running
– Moving up to the marathon

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