About This Episode

Ollie Matthews is a fully qualified personal trainer with over 8 years experience working with clients both on-line and in selected gyms in the UK, tailoring fitness plans for their individual goals and needs with great success. He is a massive believer that we can achieve optimum health through nutrition which will then transfer to increasing your performance all around, without fail.

The plans he develops allow nutrition and training to interlink to make sure the entire body, starting from the central nervous system, to recover and thus allowing better sleep, better wellbeing and better moods alongside massively increased performance, quicker recovery and less injuries.

In this interview we talk about:

– His sporting background and body building career.
– His training philosophy and view on nutrition.
– The Paleo, Low Carb/High Fat and Gluten Free diets.
– Superfoods and if they exist or are just marketing.
– Common nutritional mistakes in endurance athletes.


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