About This Episode

Kieran Alger combines a passion for wearable tech with an addiction to running. Editor-in-chief at Mediablaze and founder of Manvmiles.com, he covers fitness and technology trends for magazines and websites, including T3Wareable.comMen’s Health and Techradar.

In April 2015, Kieran will attempt to complete ‘the toughest footrace on Earth’, the Marathon des Sables. Six days, 156 miles, 40 degree heat, up and down sand dune mountains. As he prepares for his hardest running test yet, he’ll share running tips, nutrition advice and any motivational insights he will stumble upon, so you can benefit from his mistakes, as he learns how to run better, eat better and think smarter.

In this interview we talk about:

– His sporting background growing up in the UK.
– His passion for all things tech.
– How he got into running and what he loves about it.
– His challenge for 2015: the Marathon des Sables.
– What else is on his bucket list.


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