About This Episode

Brian MacKenzie and his team at Crossfit Endurance are shaking up the world of endurance training. Crossfit Endurance features a lower volume, high intensity approach to training for endurance events. This way of training may help you stay injury free while achieving the same results and in less time than traditional approaches to endurance training. Brian has completed 100 mile ultra-running events while never running more than a half marathon in training.

In this interview we talk about:

– His sporting background and how he got involved in endurance sports.
– The differences between traditional endurance training methods and Crossfit Endurance.
– Combining Crossfit Endurance with Long Slow Distance training.
– Nutrition, training and recovery.
– How to approach using Crossfit and long distance endurance training if your box doesn’t have a CFE program (question submitted by Ryan Bush)


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