About This Episode

Tim Van Berkel finished 7th in Kona this year and made folks around him aware that he needs to be watched in future years. Tim stumbled across triathlon at the age of 18, during the off season with his Aussie Rules Football team mates, where they decided to do triathlon to keep fit whilst in the off-season. At 24 years old, Tim won Ironman Western Australia in 2008, which made him the second youngest Ironman Champion, behind Germany’s Thomas Hellriegel.

Now, at age 30, many years after he first watched the Hawaii Ironman on TV, he realised his dream of racing and will be looking to come back even stronger next year.

In this interview we talk about:

– His sporting background and how he got into triathlon.
– Why he went “long” from a very young age.
– Why he waited so long to race in Kona.
– His great Kona debut that got him a 7th and first Australian.
– What he has learnt from this year’s race and how it will help him in the future.


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