About This Episode

A self-confessed armchair sportsman, Delly Carr was always fascinated by the sports photographs that appeared in the daily newspapers. But it wasn’t until Delly started his university degree and then consequently worked in some high-profile marketing roles that he knew his photography passion was much more interesting than the corporate path.

So, he left behind his great income, office, personal assistant, company car and security to give photography a try. Twenty-five years on, Delly is ranked as one of the world’s top freelance sports photographers.

In this interview we talk about:

– His sporting background and where his passion for photography comes from.
– How he gets his gigs and wow sports photography has evolved over the years.
– How 5 minutes watching fencing won him a Best Picture Award.
– Bodies, lenses, memory cards and broken knees.
– A couple of tips to improve your photography.


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