About This Episode: Ryan Munsey: F*ck Your Feelings & Master Your Mind – EJP 116

Ryan Munsey is a former bodybuilder, fitness model and gym-owner who now works as a writer, podcaster and performance consultant. He is considered a thought leader in the wellness and personal development space and has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, Navy SEALs and entrepreneurs – helping them optimize both their minds and their bodies. Ryan recently released his new book called F*ck Your Feelings and it’s a great dive into the neuroscience and the way our emotions work, with plenty of tips & tricks on how we can control our mind to achieve more and succeed in everything we do. You can follow Ryan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In this interview we talk about:

– Ryan’s sporting background and career in bodybuilding
– Ryan’s take on the best diet for endurance athletes
– Why it’s a  good idea to skip breakfast
– Why we should all buy a copy of his new book “F*ck Your Feelings
– How to stay aware of our decision making proces


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