About This Episode: Andy Blow: CEO & Founder of Precision Hydration – EJP 115

Andy Blow is the founder and CEO of Precision Hydration. Andy has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and was once the Team Sports Scientist for the Benetton/Renault F1 teams. He founded Precision Hydration to help athletes solve their hydration issues after finding out late in his own athletic career that his performance had been held back by hydration problems caused by his extremely salty sweat. He has a few top 10 Ironman and 70.3 finishes and an Xterra World Age Group title to his name. These days he regularly competes in endurance/adventure events such as the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series. You can follow Andy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In this interview we talk about:

– Andy’s sporting background and athletic career
– What led him to start his own business and start Precision Hydration
– Why athletes should take a sweat test to determine their hydration plan
– Should we drink to thirst or drink to a schedule
– Can too much electrolytes harm performance?


– Take the free online Sweat Test to get a personalised hydration strategy with advice on what, when and how much to drink depending on things like the distance you’re training for.
– Why sodium is important to perform at your best
– How to start hydrated and why that’s so importan
– Why athletes cramp up and how to avoid it
– Andy’s bench conversation with Mark Phillips

– Use promo code JUNKIE on the Precision Hydration webshop for a free box/tube of PH electrolytes (worth up to €11.99!) to try in training!

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