About This Episode: Steve Magness: Runner, Author &  Performance Coach – EJP 105

Steve Magness is a runner, author, lecturer and performance coach to some of the top distance runners in the world. Known widely for his integration of science and practice, Steve has been on the forefront of innovation in sport. His first book “The Science of Running” was written for those of us looking to maximize our performance and get as close to our limits as possible. In his second book (Peak Performance), Steve provides usefull advice for people who want to improve their performance in all aspects of life. You can follow Steve on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In this interview we talk about:

– Steve’s running background and move into coaching
– What to look for when shopping for a running coach
– His favorite track & field distance and why
– How far we are from the limits of human athletic performance
– Why we should all order a copy of Peak Performance


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