About This Episode: Jon Ackland: World-Renowned Training Strategist – EJP 101

Jon Ackland is an internationally regarded exercise physiologist and sports performance consultant, who specialises in program design and planning for high-performance athletes. A former national rowing champion and Ironman triathlete himself, Jon has over 20 years of experience in helping athletes like triathlete Terenzo Bozzone, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and several America’s Cup yacht crews to achieve peak performance. The last couple of years, Jon and his team have developed the ARDA Coaching Engine, a virtual fitness coach that offers individual and personalised coaching, based on your wearable’s data.

In this interview we talk about:

– Jon’s sporting background and transition into coaching
– How his own coaching philosophy has changed over the years
– What to look for when choosing a coach
– His coaching relationship with Terenzo Bozzone
– ARDA, the virtual coaching software he is currently developing at Performance Lab


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